Invisalign Treatment Accelerated by Photobiomodulation

Ojima K. Dan C. Kumagai Y. Schupp W.
Journal of Clinical Orthodontics 2016;50(5):309–17.
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OrthoPulse was used in combination with Invisalign to treat a difficult malocclusion. Although the ClinCheck was designed for the usual two-week aligner wear period, PBM allowed the aligners to be changed every three days. The patient was instructed to use the appliance for five minutes per arch each day; cooperation was monitored remotely using a unique app in the OrthoPulse charging base that communicates through the Internet with the doctor's office. The authors believe the patient's ability to change aligners every three days improved her compliance. Aligner fit was checked at each appointment to ensure the teeth were tracking properly. In this way, an Invisalign treatment originally planned for 92 weeks (46 sets of aligners) was completed in six months.