2nd Annual OrthoPulse® 2018 Case Competition

Submit your best cases to win!

We are pleased to announce our Second Annual OrthoPulse® Case Competition. Send us your best cases before January 31, 2019!

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Show your best results!

Submitted OrthoPulse® cases will be reviewed by our panel of expert orthodontists and judged on complexity, finishing, and speed.


Participation Requirements

  • The cases must be submitted with complete sets of before and after photos and x-rays.
  • Any doctor can submit up to three cases
  • Cases must be submitted by January 31, 2019.
  • Patients may be required to sign a consent form so that cases can be displayed on the OrthoPulse® website.



There will be prizes awarded for the top three cases:

  • 1st Prize: travel voucher worth approximately $1700 USD
  • 2nd Prize: one OrthoPulse® device
  • 3rd Prize: Apple AirPods

Conditions of Competition

Biolux Research (Hong Kong) Ltd hereby invites to participate in the
international OrthoPulse® Case Competition 2018.

1.    The competition features the best dental treatment outcomes with OrthoPulse® products all over the world.

Criteria for assessing the treatment outcomes are:

  • Difficulty of the starting position (1/3),
  • Achieved result (1/3),
  • Short duration of treatment (1/3).

Unless the jury decides otherwise, three prizes will be awarded:

  • 1st prize: Travel voucher worth €1,500,
  • 2nd prize: 1 OrthoPulse® device,
  • 3rd prize: Apple Airpods headphones.

2.    Admitted (licensed) dentists from all over the world are eligible to participate.
Each participant may submit up to three documentations of his treatment successes.
The submission of previously published treatment reports is not permitted.

All submissions must be made online via https://bioluxresearch.typeform.com/to/SoEZxi.

A submission consists of:

  • Before and after pictures, if necessary also pictures for the documentation of the
  • treatment progress,
  • Before and after panoramic X-rays,
  • Treatment report (maximum one page) in English

each document in anonymized form, without reference to personal data of the participant or the patient. 
Submissions that have not been made anonymous will be rejected.

Participant recognition information has to be indicated or transmitted separately:

  • Name and address (contact details) of the participant,
  • Proof of the participant's admission as a dentist,
  • Year of birth of the patient,
  • Patient's consent,

Incomplete submissions will be rejected.

Biolux Research (Hong Kong) Ltd stores the anonymised part and the part of the submission containing personal data separately and creates a logical link between them only after the jury has decided on awarding the prizes.
3.    Persons ineligible for the competition (are):
3.1.    any person who is not a licensed dentist,
3.2.    anyone involved in the development of these Conditions of Competition,
3.3.    a member of an executive body or employee or shareholder of Biolux Research (Hong Kong) Ltd or of an affiliated company or anyone in a controlling or dependent relationship with one of these companies or consultants to one of these companies,
3.4.    a member of the jury,
3.5.    any person who tries to influence the decision of a jury member,
3.6.    participants who include or retain a reference to authorship in the anonymised part of the submission,
3.7.    a superior or subordinate or joint ordination partner or co-shareholder of any of the persons referred to in points 3.2.-3.4;
3.8.    relatives of any of the persons referred to in points 3.2.-3.4. including: Spouses and life partners, parents and children (including step-, electoral- or foster parents or children), ward and foster relatives, proxies, relatives and in-laws in a straight line
and up to the third side line; or
3.9.    participants who do not agree to the validity of these Conditions of Competition or revoke the consent given.

4.    The submission must be received by Biolux Research (Hong Kong) Ltd by midnight Pacific Time on 31.01.2019 at the latest. Any risk of late receipt shall be borne by the participant.

5.    The jury consists of independent and recognized experts from the field of dentistry and orthodontics, selected by Biolux Research (Hong Kong) Ltd. 

The jury judges the anonymized parts of the entries independently and without instructions, at its own discretion and conviction and awards - with a simple majority of votes - the first, second and third prizes; in addition, it also determines the five next best entries that will move up in the event of a subsequent elimination of a prize winner.

The jury shall determine all further procedure for awarding the prizes autonomously; it is also entitled, for technical reasons, to not award prizes or to divide them up differently.

Decisions of the jury are final and unappealable.

Ineligible participants whose submission was awarded a prize by the jury in ignorance or disregard of a reason for exclusion will be excluded from the Competition after the logical linking of the anonymised part with the part of the submission containing personal data has been established; the five next best submissions determined by the jury will move up.

If a reason for exclusion only becomes known after the prize has been awarded, the prize received must be returned or refunded.

6.    The winners will be announced and awarded by 31 January 2019 and will be notified by e-mail and posted on the website. 

7. Each participant guarantees by his/her participation in the competition that the submitted documents represent the result of his/her own treatment activity and do not infringe on any rights of third parties; in particular that his/her patients agree to the use and publication of the documents.

By participating in the competition, each participant irrevocably agrees to the validity of these Conditions of Competition.

By participating in the competition, each participant irrevocably grants Biolux Research (Hong Kong) Ltd the non-exclusive right, unlimited in time and place, free of charge and transferable, to use the anonymised part of the submission in any form (in particular for publication on the Internet and in other publication media) and waives - apart from any prize awarded - any claims for remuneration and reimbursement of expenses.

8.  This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Hong Kong Special
Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.

Biolux Research (Hong Kong) Ltd waives its right to revoke this competition.